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"ScenCi Game" Workshop

The „ScenCi Game“ is part of this year‘s Dutch Circular Economy Week!

The multiplayer scenario game "ScenCi Game" was developed based on the experiences of the „Circular Economy SMEs across Europe“. The game enables participants to learn about existing circular economy business models and explore how different circular enterprises interact with their value chains. By simulating scenarios, the participants can explore how these value chains function under different circumstances.

The game will be presented as a workshop on 9th of February 2023 at this year's Circular Economy Week. This workshop is targeted towards companies, research institutions and governments who want to learn about circular business models. The Circular Economy Week is taking place in the Netherlands for the eighth time. From 6th to 1th February various events will show how the circular economy works in practice. Experts and entrepreneurs from different branches will meet and exchange their knowledge. The most impactful circular projects or organizations will be rewarded with this year’s Circular Awards.

If you would like to try the „ScenCi Game“ click here. If you are interested in more workshops with the Game, please contact us.

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Den Haag, Netherlands

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