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Circular Economy Travel - Webinar on Food & Nutrients

Circular SMEs across Europe "Good practices from Barcelona to Bottrop" - Food and Nutrients

As a global community with a global food web, we need to address several major challenges of the present and future that affect us and the planet at the intersection of food production and management: Climate change, global population growth, changing diets, food waste and CO2 emissions, just to name a few. It is becoming increasingly clear that a shift to a circular approach to food and nutrient management is needed, where food mimics natural regenerative systems in which waste serves as a raw material for another cycle. Redesigning our food system requires innovative thinking, ranging from sustainable food production, smart logistics and mindful management of waste cascades to innovative approaches to urban refineries that create entirely new products from residuals or inedible food.

During the CE tour stop on food and nutrients on the 13th of July, we will meet European companies that have taken up the challenge of working with biodegradable resources in a circular economy. We will hear about practical experiences from different perspectives at the interface of food and the circular economy and participate in a panel discussion with several pioneers of the movement.


10:00 Welcome from hosts: Innowo & Zenit

10:05 Keynote: Bioeconomy Poland
Agnieszka Sznyk PhD, Innowo / ECESP (European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform)

10:20 Keynote: Food in a circular economy
Beate Kolkmann (Project Manager CirQuality OWL & S3FOOD) and Sabine Höfel (Project Manager AQUACOMBINE & ProHand), Food Processing Initiative

10:35 Introduction webinar video – examples of circular business models

10:45 Pitches from companies

11:00 Panel Discussion with the companies: Food and nutrients in a circular economy

11:30 Questions & discussion with the audience

11:45 Closing remarks

More information can be found here.

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