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The „ScenCi Game“ at this year‘s Dutch Circular Economy Week

On the 9th of February, the ScenCi Game was part of the Dutch Circular Economy Week.

The multiplayer scenario game was developed based on the experiences of the webinar „Circular Economy SMEs across Europe“. The game enables participants to learn about existing circular economy business models and explore how different circular enterprises interact with their value chains.

Approximately 25 People from different backgrounds attended the Workshop in Den Haag and played the serious Game. After a short introduction of the Green Economy Network NRW and the CE journey, the participants classified companies in a circular value chain. Grouped in the sectors of textile, plastic, food, batteries and construction, they displayed resilience from circular business models in different situations with the help of peanuts, coffee beans and corn. After that, the groups came together and discussed the business models and a few scenarios.

We are happy that so many people actively participated and about their positive feedback. Special thanks goes to RVO Nederland and Sandra Kolodzinskyi for making the workshop possible.

If you would like to try the „ScenCi Game“ yourself, click here. If you are interested in more workshops with the Game, please contact us.

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