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Circular Economy Hotspot 2023 - Dublin

The annual Circular Economy Hotspot will take place in Dublin from 29 May to 01 June.

Since 2016, delegates from business, politics, science, and public initiatives meet annually at different locations across Europe to learn about circular business models, strategies, and approaches from the respective host regions. After the Hotspot took place in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Scotland, Belgium, Catalonia, and Germany, this year's host will be Ireland.

This year's Circular Economy Hotspot's host is Dublin. This makes sense, as several circular economic successes can be discovered across the Dublin metropolitan area. The program will focus on three main pillars: Policy, Citizen Engagement, and Innovations & Collaborations. Across these pillars, opportunities in social enterprise, design and manufacturing, the built environment, the food system & the bioeconomy will be showcased in various ways.

We are looking forward to the next Circular Economy Hotspot! Last year's Circular Economy Hotspot in Bottrop was the last stop of our "Circular SMEs across Europe“ Tour, where we presented our serious game "ScenCi" in a Workshop at the event. Get to know the circular solutions from the tour in this Video.

For more information on this year's Circular Economy Hotspot 2023 click here.

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Dublin, Ireland

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